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Seal Coat

Preserve your asphalt.

 Seal coating is a great way to protect and enhance the look of your business parking lot or residential driveway. We use a commercial grade asphalt emulsion based sealer that is designed to protect the asphalt surface from sun, water, and oil damage. We add sand and latex to optimize the performance of this material. Unlike coal tar sealer, asphalt emulsion based sealer is an environmentally friendly product. 

Timing is important.

We encourage seal coating our customers lots/driveways when visible cracks are forming, asphalt is showing signs of deterioration (scaling), and asphalt fading. It never is too early to seal coat, as seal coating fills any porous surface in the asphalt to protect it from the elements.

Give new life to your old asphalt.

After seal coating, we stripe all the existing parking layout along with improving and sharpening your parking lots curb appeal. 

We are here to help.

We have experts ready to analyze your asphalt parking lot/driveway to provide you with the best answers on how to preserve your asset. We provide free estimates so there is no risk in checking out our pricing.