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Strong Wheel Stops for maintenance-free durability

Roadway Striping Inc. produces and offers premium wheel stops that function as parking blocks for customers and protective barriers for street curbs.  

Wheel stops prevent damage to buildings, sidewalks, curbs and landscape so that they have a longer useful life without extra wear and tear.

These wheel stops can also be used inside warehouses, since they can function as bumper cushions, and can offer protection for motorized carts and forklifts while operating inside.

We also provide Plastic and Rubber Wheel Stops (Pictures lower on Page)

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Due to the nature of wheel stops sales, we cannot provide online purchasing yet. It is easy for us to provide you a quote when you provide us the details below. When all the details we need are provided, we can send you a quote with no strings attached. We will not use your email in any marketing campaign.

6' Plastic Wheel Stop

Wheel Stops

6' Concrete Wheel Stop

6' Rubber Wheel Stop